KFC: Short of Devine Intervention

Okay, we all agree that Kentucky Fried Chicken is junk, right? And short of divine intervention, nothing is going to make that food healthy. Well apparently the suits at KFC feel the same way because they’ve issued a request for the Pope to bless their new fish sandwich. Believe it or not, Fast Food News is on it:
In a PR move to promote the new fish sandwich, KFC has concocted a publicity stunt that at least borders on sacrilegious: they've officially asked the Pope (yes, the one in Rome with the big hat) to bless their new sandwich.

According to KFC's press release: "The company has asked the Pope himself for his blessing, with KFC President Gregg Dedrick sending a personal letter to the Vatican... The company has turned to Pope Benedict XVI, beseeching him to bestow his Papal blessing for this innovative new menu item."
Hello, welcome to Kentucky Fried Crucifixion. May I take your order?
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