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Have a Coke and Some Gout

New research has determined that sugary drinks increase a guy’s risk of gout by as much as 85%. Robert Preidt of HealthDay News is on it:
In this study, published in BMJ Online First, researchers looked at more than 46,000 men, aged 40 and older, with no history of gout. Information on the men's food and beverage intake was collected at the start of the study, and details about their weight, medication use and medical conditions were recorded every two years during the 12-year study.

During that time, 755 of the men were diagnosed with gout. The risk was much higher in men who drank five to six servings of sugar-sweetened soft drinks per week and was 85 percent higher in those who drank two or more of the beverages a day, compared to those who had less than one serving per month.

The increased risk was independent of other gout risk factors such as body-mass index, age, diuretic use, high blood pressure, alcohol intake and dietary habits. Diet soft drinks did not increase gout risk.
Now, just think about all the soda commercials you saw during the Super Bowl last night—scary.
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J.K - November 9, 2008 9:51 PM


Mike - December 10, 2009 3:50 PM

I have an addition and it's call Diet Coke. I drink 2 - 2 liter bottle per day and have so for 30 years. Last week my ankle started to swell after a long walk at the mall and it didn't stop. I couldn't walk and I knew it wasn't sprained or broken so I hit the Internet for reasons behind my problem. A came across many similar problems I encountered in the past.....pain in my right knee....then I remembered my uric acid level was up on two blood tests.....BINGO!
I'm poisoning my system with Diet Coke and not drinking water. Well OMG, I can't move my foot due to my ankle so I starting drinking water to flush my system and taking apple cider vinegar pills to help clean up the residue.
Over the years many people notice and commented that I'm killing myself slowly with soft drinks.....I can say they were right.
Since I've laid off the Diet Coke the rash on both arms have cleared up. It only been a week but I'm recovering from the "hit" of too much uric acid in my system.
In the future I will not drink more than 8 oz. per day of soda but for now I'm off of it until I see what it's been doing to me for all these years. I also understand the effects of aspartame can be hard on us as well.
Too much Diet Coke is the problem and not enough water is the culprit. Good thing our body will let us know what's wrong before things get out of hand.

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