Coming soon is new "hybrid" food product for all of you who've ever thought the typical garden burger doesn't quite cut the mustard. According to the Associated Press a St. Louis-based company has invented the solution. Jim Salter reports:

Solae LLC has come up with a solution, a patent-pending invention called SoleCina that involves both the process and the ingredients to produce either a "hybrid" meat—part soy, part real meat—or a completely meatless food that tastes like chicken, beef, pork or turkey.

The company said both versions taste—and feel to the mouth—much like real meat, but are much healthier. For example, a hybrid burger dubbed the "Better Burger" by Solae has two-third the calories and half the fat and saturated fat as a burger of comparable size.

This engineering marvel took ten years of development and Solae is already making grand claims about its nutritional quality:

SoleCina converts a blend of vegetable and meat protein into a meat substitute or hybrid with the consistency of cooked, whole-muscle meat, said Jonathan McIntyre, Solae's vice president of research and development.

"You would be hard-pressed to take a look at this product and have any idea it's anything other than what you're used to in a cutlet, a flank steak, that type of product," McIntyre said. "You get the chewiness and mouth-feel quality."

You also get a healthier meal. McIntyre said soy is the only plant-based protein with a protein quality equal to that of meat, milk and eggs. It is also rich in iron and vitamin B, and is cholesterol free.

Before you run out and stock up on this Frankstein-like creation, consider that Dr. Fuhrman recommends against processed foods, is very specific in his thoughts about meat, and there are even previous DiseaseProof posts about soy products worth noting:

  • Salt: Potentially More Dangerous For Vegans and Vegetarians
    If strict vegetarians are to have the potential to maximize their lifespan, it is even more important for them to avoid a high salt intake because salt intake increases blood pressure. Almost all of the soy-based meat analogues and many other health food store (vegan) products are exceptionally high in sodium.
  • Too Much Soy?
    You should be aware that soy nuts, soymilk, and other processed soy products do not retain many of the beneficial compounds and omega-3 fats that are in the natural bean. The more the food is processed, the more the beneficial compounds are destroyed. Remember, though, tofu and frozen or canned soybeans are a good source of omega-3 fat and calcium.
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Joseph - July 3, 2006 8:37 PM

Fact: Soy is a very healthy food, whether the soy protein is extracted from the bean or present in a whole soy food.

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