Folic Acid Ups Colon Cancer Risk

This is definitely one acid trip you don’t want to go on. New findings in the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology reveal foods fortified with folic acid may increase colon cancer rates. In 2000, the Chilean government instituted a mandatory folic acid fortification in wheat flour in order to help prevent spina bifida. Since that time, reported cases of colon cancer have jumped 162% in people ages 35 to 64 and 190% in people 65 to 79 and there was a slight increase in breast cancer rates too. Chile uses a higher dose of folic acid than other countries; from Medical News Today.

In 2007, a similar study reported 15,000 more cases of colon cancer with folic acid enrichment and another report showed folic acid harms the heart. In general, enriched foods are pretty silly. Food producers strip all the nutrients out of food and then put something back in and call it healthy? Pretty kooky.

In the past, folic acid supplements have been shown to heighten men’s risk of prostate cancer, 9.7% after 10 years. That why supplements, like Gentle Care, don’t contain folic acid.

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Beth - April 7, 2009 9:16 AM

So, what does that mean for women? Are women who supplement with folic acid pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy at greater risk for colon cancer as well? So, what is a woman to do: risk a child with defects (or, is that largely a b.s. recommendation if the woman has healthy eating habits) or risk getting cancer?

Joel Fuhrman, MD - April 7, 2009 11:03 AM

I addressed this in detail in my book, Disease-Proof Your Child. See, that is where the title of the blog came from.

All people who are following my nutritional recommendations already have very high levels of folate in their body's tissues and blood. Supplemental folic acid for pregnant women is an attempt to make up for the damage caused by the folate-poor American diet. It does not work. The substitution of folic acid supplements in pregnancy, instead of teaching women the importance of eating enough greens, has created an explosion of childhood cancers.

Pure stupidity. We always look for a pill to take the place of doing the right thing and it never works.

So the answer to your question is to learn more about my dietary recommendations to assure great health for yourself and your offspring and consider the conventional diet and the conventional recommendations to be sub-optimal and potentially dangerous.

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