FDA Calls Genetically Engineered Animals Cutting Edge...

In a statement last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said genetically engineered animals, not including cloned animals, hold substantial promise for improving public health, i.e. these creatures can enter the food supply, but not before rigorous scientific testing. However, the FDA will not require companies to label that their meat has come from genetically engineered animals, outraging consumer groups. One organization claims the FDA is disregarding consumers' right to choose; CNN investigates.

There’s a bizarre compulsion in this country to futz with what Mother Nature took millions of years to perfect, like do we really need purple tomatoes infused with snapdragon genes or carrots with scorpion parts? I doubt it. Not to mention, an experiment in 2007 showed rats fed genetically modified corn developed signs of kidney and liver disease after 3 months.

And as for cloned meat, it won’t be labeled either and many health experts don’t want it.

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Matt Stone - January 19, 2009 12:27 PM

Thanks so much for posting this Gerry. It is absolutely horrifying. Genetic engineering is YIKE-tastic, especially when one considers how confused the government is on what constitutes good health. If Vitamin Water had DNA they'd try to splice it into livestock for extra nutrition.

Sara - January 19, 2009 3:43 PM

So glad we don't eat meat. I guess watch out for weird veggies. But they will probably consider those purple tomatoes special [when they actually come on the market] and charge extra for them. Probably won't be at the farmer's market and definitely not at the CSA. If that's any comfort.

Art Konstantino - January 19, 2009 11:35 PM

Thanks for the article. This just reminds me so much of in church people telling out of church people that their sins will cause them to go to hell when they die. Sins apply to believers in that doctrine only.

How does this apply to this perfect meat stupidity?
Two months ago, I called Winn Dixie Supermarkets in Florida, the Headquarters by the way. I asked about the corn and if it was GMOed. "We do not have to disclose that to anyone." I then asked if any other food was genetically altered by science and placed on their shelves for sale. The answer was basically the same. "We do not have to tell anyone that information." Well, to say the least, I was very disturbed since I started trying the Starch-based Diet. They suggest corn, potatoes and other starches as well as fruit and vegetables. Maybe "Frightened" is a more exact reflection of the emotion that I still feel to this day.

I do understand that there are many tricks that food manufacturers play on the ignorant consumers. Almost all the people feel that if it is on the shopping store shelves, the FDA "experts" approved it. This is not true. The FDA does not even have enough time to check all the drugs that are on the market, but, people keep on taking them and keep on dying!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is high time that everyone that reads my pathetic little article here begins to write to their local grocers and demand healthier food. They need to fully disclose where and how the food was produced. Fish- farm raised or wild caught is finally being explained to the consumer. When you go to a restaurant, ask the waitperson about the food you are buying. Very little food sold in restaurants is home grown and American made. It comes in plastic or wax cardboard containers and tin cans. People keep on eating out and wonder what is wrong with their body. People keep on eating manufactured foods and wonder what is wrong. People keep buying prepared foods in boxes and wonder why they have cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Where does all this come to an end? It will not come to an end until you and I stop buying this poison. Leave the animals alone. Leave processed food alone.

Possible solution:
Inspire yourself to start a small garden and grow your own goodies. Do not give up if you do not have great success. I was inspired Saturday when I stopped at a farm in Ocala. I talked with him for 2 hours. I finally bought 20 pounds of collard greens, 20 pounds of mustard greens and he gave me 6 pounds of super hot curly mustard greens. I have been eating these for breakfast and dinner. What a feeling of wellness. I mix it with pinto beans or potatoes or black-eyed peas. Absolutely delicious and my bowels love it.

Take care, eat well and always be happy!
Enjoy Dr. Fuhrman's labor of love for mankind-
"His web site!"

Art Konstantino in Florida

Monty - January 21, 2009 1:34 PM

GMO may be cutting edge, but what does it cut? Eventually it will cut down the population to zero. In the foreseeable future it will bring about the Ecological Endtime for humanity and most animal life, and the meek, consisting of insects, fungi, algae, molds and microorganisms, will inherit the earth.

Monty - January 22, 2009 2:22 PM

Adding to my last comment, there have been reports of mass deaths of farm animals fed GMO feeds, and those that survived have been unable to reproduce. (From Jeffrey Smith's book Genetic Roulette and his website.) This could affect humans the same way.

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