FBI Raids Spinach Plant

According to the Associated Press the FBI has raided two spinach plants suspected of not taking all the appropriate steps to ensure that their spinach was safe for interstate commerce. This news coming off the heels of the FDA’s declaration that fresh spinach is now safe for consumers to resume buying. More on the raid:
Federal officials do not think anyone at the plants deliberately contaminated spinach with the virulent bacteria, which has killed one and sickened more than 190 others in 26 states, and the searches do not mean there is an ongoing or new threat to public health.

“There is no indication there was any tampering of willful contamination or anything like that,” said FBI spokesman Joe Schadler.
The article goes on to explain that Natural Selection plant operators continue to point the finger at the growing fields as the source of the contamination, and they claim that proper measures have taken to prevent another E. coli outbreak from originating at their plants.

It seems there may be some credence to the accusation that the farms were the source of the contamination. A Reuters piece from a couple days ago reports E. coli was found in cattle feces on pastures near farms being investigated as possible sources of contamination:
The bacteria could have been transmitted by irrigation water, fertilizer, farm equipment or workers, livestock and wild animals, or it could have contaminated the spinach inside processing plants, during transport or on store shelves.
Quite the mixed message, one day spinach is ready for a return—and now this! No wonder why some people are leery about jumping back on the spinach bandwagon. I know I’ve referenced it a few times already, but in spite of all this controversy Dr. Fuhrman still insists people go green. After all, spinach isn’t the only leafy green:
Interestingly spinach and kale are the two highest nutrient foods on the American landscape and spinach is the healthiest food that Americans eat in any significant quantity.

During this crisis, I recommend people eat lots of frozen spinach—you can mix some defrosted frozen spinach on top of a salad. Of course you can shred cabbage, carrots, bok choy, and beets on top of lettuce salads to add substance too.

The risk of not eating greens is a significant risk to the health of Americans and there has not been one recorded case of E-coli from other greens in this timeframe. So bump up the other greens right now to make up for it. I encourage you to go green.
In case you’re not into frozen spinach, check out this previous post for other nutrient-rich greens: Nutrient Density of Green Vegetables
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