Dunkin' Donuts Kills Trans Fat

Well, I guess America doesn’t run on trans fat because according to Reuters Dunkin’ Donuts plans to banish trans fat from all its menu offerings. Take a look:
Restaurant company Dunkin' Brands Inc. said on Monday that all menu offerings in its Dunkin' Donuts restaurants will have zero grams of artery clogging trans fat by October 15 this year.

The company also said all ice cream products at its Baskin-Robbins chain will have zero grams trans fat by January 1, 2008.
And what’s so bad about trans fat—or should I say—hydrogenated fat. Dr. Fuhrman talks about it in his book Eat to Live:
Hydrogenation is a process of adding hydrogen molecules to unsaturated fats, thereby turning these oils, which are liquid at room temperature, into harder, more saturated fats such as margarine. Hardening the fat extends its shelf life so the oil can be used over and over again to fry potatoes in a fast-food restaurant or be added to such processed food as crackers and cookies. While hydrogenation does not make the fat completely saturated, it creates trans fatty acids, which act like saturated fats. Evidence is accumulating to implicate the harmful nature of these man-made fats in both cancer and heart disease. Avoid all foods whose ingredients contain partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils…

…Trans fats do not exist in nature. They are laboratory-designed and have adverse health consequences. They interfere with the body’s production of beneficial fatty acids and promote heart disease.1 As trans fatty acids offer no benefits and only clear adverse metabolic consequences, when you see the words partially hydrogenated on the side of a box, consider it poisonous and throw it in the trash.
1. Ascherio, A., and W. C. Willett. 1997. Health effects of trans fatty acids. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 66 (4 supp.): 1006S–10S.
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