Do Cows Drink Soy Milk?

How do you feel about soy foods? Stuff like soymilk, tofu, and soy-burgers? Personally, I agree with Dr. Fuhrman, “Soy products can be tasty additions to a plant-based diet.” But, he points out that biodiversity is key. Humans should eat a variety of plant foods and not just a soy-based diet. That’s why I limit my soy consumption to soymilk and the occasional slab of tofu.

Okay, so we know how humans should approach soy, but what about animals? More specifically, cows. Do cow’s drink soymilk? Oh I’m not crazy. According to these new ads by Silk Soymilk, cows drink soy. They also walk upright. Wear pants. And talk! Take a look:

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And sorry I don’t have any more info on these talking cows. Better call the MythBusters.

UPDATE: CowsforSilk has all you need know about the soymilk drinking cows. Moo!
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ana - February 14, 2007 5:00 PM

Quote" But, he points out that biodiversity is key. Humans should eat a variety of plant foods and not just a soy-based diet."

I never met a vegetarian or vegan that lives solely on soy products. That's just one of those ridiculous clichés that every vegetarian eats tofu. I despise tofu, but I do drink soymilk often.
I also enjoy making soy burgers. But that's about it. I prefer other beans in food for my protein source. I eat vegetables in big amounts. Have been vegetarian over 11 years now, and last 2 years vegan. I love to cook; my food is colourful, fun and healthy! I see nothing but improvements. It's been ages since I was sick, my immune system seems much stronger nowadays. I feel better in every aspect of my wellbeing.

I heard some people warning about soy, but when I see what kind of things they're recommending I choose to listen to my body and my brain instead. Some of those warnings are simply lack of knowledge or disguised promotion of another product threatened by the growing popularity of soy. So my advice is listen to your body and see how certain foods make you feel.

Speaking of variety, there are far more different kinds of vegetables, fruits and beans etc ...than there are of meats or McDonalds meals. Something to consider, aye?

And about cows drinking Suppose thats a lot better than crushed bones for supper ala cannibal style which made the poor things go mad. I still think cows should be outside chilling in the sun, chewing on green crispy grass. But I guess thats just me being old-fashioned.

PS. Cool ad from youtube!

Anna - May 29, 2007 2:50 AM

Actually, the feed cows get if they are not grass-fed contains soy, so really, if you're eating cow, you're eating soy, and if you drink milk, you are drinking soy.

I know this is far fetched, but it makes the cow drinking milk in the clip a lot less weird.

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