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Diet-Blog on Portion Sizes

At most restaurants portion sizes are borderline monstrous. It’s basically a badge of courage to over eat. Diet-Blog talks about it:
An entree alone can set you back about 2,000 calories – the average amount you would need in an entire day.

What are restaurants' interests in continuing to serve such huge portions?

One could argue that if restaurants cut back on the amount of food served, they would automatically save money – just from the diminished need to buy large quantities of food.
But is that what would really happen?

Americans have come to expect the large volume of food served at restaurants. They are hungry and seem to assume this is a “normal meal.”

If restaurants started serving smaller meals, I believe Americans would just find something else that suited them better – namely, more food. Business would wane, and various eateries would have no choice but to start serving more food again.
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Heidi Will - March 28, 2007 11:07 AM

I'm not so sure about that. I used to wait tables and, on numerous occassions, customers complained about large portions, and upon receiving smaller ones (offered at a different establishment I worked in), actually commented and saw it as a relief. I don't know how much people really want those huge portions. I think the idea that people want it might be mistaken.

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