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Comfort Food, Food Addictions

“Some cravings and food behaviors have emotional overtones from childhood or compensate for stress and emotional dysfunction,” explains Dr. Fuhrman. He calls this emotional attachment to food. Now, the CBS Early Show examines the root of all comfort food:
  • Cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven: Their smell transports you to that secure, familiar place. Biggers is big on the Pillsbury ones you can buy from the grocery store. She just loves the way the smell fills her home. She says the smell of cinnamon and sugar takes her back to her childhood.
  • Tuna noodle casserole -- half with bread crumb topping: The texture of comfort foods is at work here, along with satisfying the expectation of having something soft and mushy, with a crunch on top.
  • Mac 'n Cheese: Twenty years ago, we never would have imagined finding this on the menu at a fine restaurant, but comfort sells! Now, some of these recipes feature delicious, high-end cheeses, so it's not the same old cheap cheese you used to find.
  • Meat loaf and mashed potatoes and peas: The best of comfort food is also derived from leftovers. Sissy says this dish is the perfect comfort food: It has the aroma, is easy to make, and is soft and flavorful.
I’m sorry, but as someone who eats a nutrient-dense plant-based diet, none of this junk sounds “comforting” to me. In fact, I’m feeling a little queasy. People that like this stuff are probably food-addicted and according to Dr. Fuhrman, they need help:
Some food-addicted people eat compulsively in spite of their awareness of the consequences. These people need a more intensive program. Similar to a twelve-week drug-rehabilitation program, an intensive food recovery program should include counseling. Food re-education can work even for the most difficult cases.
Alright, let me come clean. I do have a few emotional attachments to food. In the form of avocados, bananas, and carrots—poor me.
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