Disease Proof

But it Says it's Good for Me

Diet-Blog wants to know, can people be fooled by food packaging? No! People can’t simply be fooled by the wrapper something comes in—sorry, just laying down some heavy sarcasm. Yup, it seems people can be fooled, fooled real good. More from Diet-Blog:
The Health Halo
Brain Wansink, author of Mindless Eating calls it the "Health Halo". He tested the theory by giving away two types of nutrition bars. One had some writing on the label stating the bar contained soy and would help reduce the risk of heart disease. The other bar was exactly the same but without the health claim.

Consumers believed the "health claim" bar would not only reduce heart disease but would also reduce risk of cancer and diabetes. Some even thought the bar would reverse damage caused by other junk foods! All from just one small "healthy" claim on the label.
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