Beefy Loophole

This will make you think twice about eating a steak. Apparently a “loophole” exists that allows E. coli tainted beef to reach consumers. Stephen J. Hedges of The Chicago Tribune reports:
The officials are referring to the little-discussed fact that the Department of Agriculture (USDA) has deemed it acceptable for meat companies to cook and sell meat on which E. coli, a bacteria that can sicken and even kill humans, is found during processing.

The "E. coli loophole" affects millions of pounds of beef each year that test positive for the presence of E. coli O157:H7, a virulent strain of the bacteria.

The agency allows companies to put this E. coli-positive meat in a special category: "cook only." Cooking the meat, the USDA and producers say, destroys the bacteria and makes it safe to eat as precooked hamburgers, meat loaf, crumbled taco meat and other products.

Some USDA inspectors say the "cook-only" practice means higher-than-appropriate levels of E. coli are tolerated in packing plants, raising the chance that clean meat will become contaminated. They say the "cook-only" practice is part of the reason for this year's sudden rise in incidents of E. coli contamination.
Yuck! Good thing I don’t eat red meat. Now, for more reasons to skip on the steak, check out these previous posts:
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LLouise - November 13, 2007 12:08 PM

This is so awful...None of it surprises me anymore, however.
All these 'little' bits add is more than enough to challenge my efforts to remain sane. :/

AND plastics are in the news again too. Happy-happy-joy-joy...*double sigh*:

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