Another Milk in the Wall

Get a load of this. In one school there are actually lunch wardens patrolling the lunchroom to make sure all kids finish their milk. A concerned ParentDish is on it:
I had a parent ask me for some advice about a situation at her daughter's school. The girl, a kindergartener, eats lunch in the cafeteria most days, where she gets the same amount of food and milk as kids twice her age. While she likes milk and is used to drinking it at home, she doesn't always finish it.

The problem is, there are staff members who wander around the cafeteria shaking milk cartons and telling kids to finish their milk. The mother is concerned because she attributes, at least in part, her own weight issues to always being told as a child to finish everything on her plate. Naturally, she doesn't want her daughter to develop the same sorts of issues.
“We don’t need no thought control…Teachers leave them kids alone,” goes the classic Pink Floyd song. I don’t like the idea of a totalitarian cafeteria and the fact that it surrounds milk—double-yuck! As Dr. Fuhrman explains, milk is way overrated:
Milk and cheese are the foods Americans encourage their children to eat, believing them to be healthy foods. Fifty years of heavy advertising by an economically powerful industry has shaped the public's perception, illustrating the power of one-sided advertising, but the reality and true health effects on our children is a different story. Besides the link between high-saturated-fat foods (dairy fat) and cancer, there is a body of scientific literature linking the consumption of cow's milk to many other diseases.
How do you feel about these milk-pushers? I don't like it one bit!
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Jayson - December 6, 2007 10:49 AM

Pretty despicable, and from the comments at the other blog, seems most of them were pretty excited about making the kids drink their milk, *sigh*....and then they wonder why they have health, weight, eating problems.

I find the marketing of milk appalling, using pop culture icons, cartoon characters even, to promote drinking milk.

To head off any of the mandatory milk drinking I told the school my kids are allergic to dairy. Pretty much took care of school "making" them drink milk.

Jayson - December 6, 2007 11:05 AM

lol...I totally agree and good one on the Carlin quote. Way too much of that type of "doubleplusgood" mentality going around now in almost all facets of our society.

The Carlin quote gets me thinking about an old routine of his about food, and the refrigerator...."ever come across an empty plate in the fridge ? Did something eat something else ?" and "Never eat anything with a Y and G in it !"

LLouise - December 6, 2007 4:25 PM

AHEM...Exsqueeze, me Gentlemen, private school-uniform-wearing-for-8-years-woman here :P I actually liked wearing them. You have to look at things from various viewpoints. In everyone wearing the same uniform we were all "equal." No one had "good clothes" or "ugly clothes" (or worse "poor" clothes!) I'd have been in the latter category and felt awful and stressed if I had to find something to wear every day. Even on free-dress days, a few times a year, it was stressful! No one was better than anyone, at least on that level.
Now, if you want to go on a diatribe about private schools and how they mess you up for life, I'm with ya! :^D

Jayson - December 6, 2007 8:43 PM

Good point L.

And to just jump off a cliff here :^)

I have thought a bit about it considering my kiddies are at the advent of their academic life, I agree with you and Gerry completely. On the one hand in this day and age with rampant crass materialism I would agree with the benefits of a school uniform. Alternatively, given that their is soo much militant nationalism in the air, it could lead to more restrictive actions later.

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