Are You Ready for Another Exciting Holiday Challenge?!

Next week Dr. Fuhrman will be introducing the rules for this year’s Holiday Challenge. Can you believe it will be the third annual Holiday Challenge already?! They say if you do something two times in a row, it becomes a tradition ~ well we are now rockin’ the holidays with the best tradition ever! It’s truly an exciting privilege to join with so many across the nation and beyond to eat for health over the holidays; waking up on January 1st thinner, and feeling vibrant and well instead of the post holiday blahhs.    

Below is a list of comments from the past Holiday Challenges. May they inspire you to consider jumping on board with us again this year when the challenge officially kicks-off on Monday, November 19th. [Stay tuned to Disease Proof next week for Dr. Fuhrman’s post with all the complete details ~ you won’t want to miss it!]


  • I have lost a total of 15 lbs. I'm sleeping better and exercising more. I feel so grateful to be improving my health during what could have been a treacherous (health wise) season. -Marie
  • Down 16.5 pounds and 2” off waist lost! Yeah! –M.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. Before I started the challenge all of my joints were stiff, and I was in a state of constant flare. My knees felt like there were glass shards in them. Now I only have the stiffness in the morning, and the feeling of glass in my knees is gone and the flaring has calmed down tremendously. -Christine
  • I lost 5 lbs during the holidays when I normally would’ve gained 5 lbs. I feel much more energetic and can think more clearly. My skin is much clearer and no longer extremely dry, and my hair feels healthier and stronger. My husband said that I seem happier and nicer, and it’s gotten easier for me to just say, “No thank you” to SAD foods. I definitely prefer ETL foods over SAD foods now.  -Katie
  • I cut my Topomax (migraine medication) in half, and I’ve stopped using antibiotic acne cream. I’ve also dropped from 140 lbs to 129 lbs and feel great! -V
  • I weighed 177 pounds about 3 weeks ago and now I weigh 160. My blood sugars are coming down, and I feel better with more energy. -Amy
  • I’ve lost 10 lbs so far, but more importantly, I feel great! I have no more acid reflux, and I’m more comfortable in my clothes. My wife called me a ‘sexy man’ last night! Now that’s some success to share! -Tom
  • My aches and pains are gone, and for the most part my uncontrollable sugar urges are gone. Most importantly my mood is good, I’m loving the winter, my skin glows, and I love the way I look! -Diana
  • Since starting the challenge I’m down 13 pounds, and I can run/walk intervals for 40min and do 1 hour spinning classes. AND I just found out that I’m pregnant! Thank you so much for starting this challenge, because it has given me the start that I needed, and now a great start to the most healthiest pregnancy EVER! -A
  • I jumped on-board Dr. Fuhrman’s Holiday Challenge and friends have started commenting on my slimmer physique and I now have more energy than I know what to do with. –C.
  • I started the Holiday Challenge on November 20th weighing 311.3 pounds, and now I weigh 282.5 pounds. My blood pressure was 146/86 and now it’s 121/71. My former acid reflux and swollen feet are gone, and I sleep better and have lots more energy. Arthritis in my knees has decreased significantly, and I’ve lost so much fluid that I was excited to see that I actually have ankles again! There are nine of us in my family strictly following ETL now; ranging in ages 3 to 65. Everyone has had a reduction in symptoms / illnesses. My dad’s blood pressure has dropped from 150/90 to 127/77 ~ the best he’s had in 15 years!  -Peta
  • I’ve dropped ten pounds over the holidays; plus, we had a birthday in our family to add in as well, and a lot of parties and things. Ten pounds lost over all that time is pretty satisfying! -Cindy
  • I cannot believe how well I feel! The weight seems to be coming off easily and my appetite is under excellent control; this is the aspect of dieting that has NEVER allowed me to keep my weight off. -tsmoon


Don’t get left behind! And ask your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in the exciting tradition of focusing on health over the holidays ~ you will never regret it!

Here’s to great health to all!



image credits: holiday ornaments, Wikimedia by Kris de Curtis; vegetables by Esther Boller

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Elldwinia English - November 8, 2012 5:22 PM

I am new and a mom and wife I am 45lbs over what I would like.

Lilly - November 8, 2012 7:15 PM

I am SO excited to begin this challenge! Yeah!!!

Jude - November 8, 2012 9:54 PM

I'm ready. Need to get pure again and off the junk.

Rita - November 13, 2012 8:54 AM

Every holiday season I gain about 10-15 pounds.. Every New Year's day I say "this year I REALLY resolve to lose weight". By then I am feeling awful and never lose anything more than the weight I gained over the holidays. By February, I am usually off plan. I want this year to be different and I know this challenge is just what I need. I have read Dr. Furhman's eat to live book and am ready to take on his challenge. If anyone wants to support each other, my e-mail is Would love a buddy on this journey to outstanding health!

Sherdonna Bragg - November 13, 2012 9:36 AM

I just started 2 weeks ago and I've already lost 15 lbs and I'm down a whole pants size. So thankful for ETL! It is changing my life- next step- attack the finances! I believe if I can be disciplined with food, I can be disciplined with everything else in my life!
Thanks Dr. Fuhrman!

janey - November 18, 2012 10:14 AM

Two years ago, I was at my highest weight ever and mired in a hopeless spiral of addictive eating behaviors. Inspired by the Holiday Challenge, I made a commitment to myself that I would eat all nutritarian foods for 6 weeks. (I decided to eat all nutritarian foods and drop the SAD foods from the beginning, which I thought would work best for me. Some people prefer to ease into it in stages.) The few first days took some discipline, but since I had made the commitment, and meant it, I didn't struggle over what to eat and didn't worry too much about how much I ate, as long as it was nutritarian. My goal was to replace my old destructive eating habits with a new pattern of healthy eating. (I figured I could tweak and fine-tune later.) Each day, as I flooded my cells with high nutrient foods, my new routine became the norm and the old way of eating got left further and further behind.

By New Year's Day, I was several pounds lighter and felt absolutely fantastic. It was the first year I didn't make a New Year's Resolution, because I didn't need to! I felt so great, and it had become such a habit, that I just kept eating this way. It's been two years now, and I feel more energetic, more vibrant, and more alive than I ever have in my life. And I am much, much healthier. PLUS (and this is the secret that people never realize unless they've been there), I absolutely LOVE the food and eating this way. And this comes from someone who ate tons of disease-promoting "gourmet" foods in the past.

The Holiday Challenge was the jump-start I needed to begin my journey to health. I hope anyone thinking about joining will set aside all of their worries and fears and just take the plunge. Make the commitment to eat nutritarian foods for 6 weeks, use the resources on the member center and ask questions and receive support from the generous members who are happy to help. And then wake up on New Year's Day feeling like a completely new person!

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