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Vitamin D Too Low in Moms and Newborns -- UPDATE --

Expectant mothers need more sun. Presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, scientists recommend women of childbearing age spend more time in the sun in order to get sufficient vitamin D. Researchers found over one-third of mothers and 58% of their infants have vitamin D deficiency at birth. Blood samples from 433 women and 376 newborns, within 72 hours of birth, revealed low vitamin D was present in 36% of mothers, with deficiency was considered severe in roughly two-thirds of cases; Reuters reports.

The sun is important to our health. We convert ultraviolet rays into vitamin D, which tells our bodies to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Other studies show mom’s getting enough sun exposure strengths their children’s bones. Now, Dr. Fuhrman sells a vitamin D supplement, in vegan and non-vegan formulations.

In related news, insufficient vitamin D has been linked sudden cardiac death, such as heart failure and cardiac muscle performance, and rickets in young children.

UPDATE: Dr. Fuhrman had some thoughts on this report:

Mothers should be taking Vitamin D supplements and document the adequacy of their Vitamin D with a blood test and also babies and mom’s in northern climates, not getting sufficient sunshine, should use a baby Vitamin D supplement or they can twist open half a capsule of my OsteoSun and sprinkle some of the tasteless white powder into the babies food, water or breast milk.

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diane lassen - May 8, 2009 5:48 AM

We all need more sunshine in our lives- literally! As a nurse and health counselor, I have been checking women's vitamin D levels and have yet to find someone who is even above the minimal RDA requirement of 32. In the spring, we are at our lowest levels, after the long, sunless, winter. It is important to supplement with at least 2000 IU of vitamin D3 daily and to have your levels of 25 (OH) vitamin D checked in the spring and fall. As for the sun, we have been trained to encourage our patients to wear sunblock on every square inch of our exposed bodies-- sunscreens that have chemicals that have been proven to be neurotoxins, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. We need honest-to-goodness sun on our bodies. Not a lot, but enough to pink us up a bit. Strive for that sun-kissed look. Then apply the chemical free sunscreen as can be found in products made my Mychelle and Lavera. Summer is coming! Soak up the goodness!!

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