Obesity Harms Fertility, Bad for Ovary Health

Ladies, please stay thin. A new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reveals obese women have unhealthier ovaries, associated with poorer reproductive outcomes. The excess fat may alter the metabolism of eggs which is harmful to embryo formation. Scientists followed 96 women looking to get pregnant and determined obese women had altered maturation of ovary follicles, metabolism and androgen activity, the precursor of all estrogen; ScienceDaily investigates.

Obesity is bad. That’s obvious. Obesity costs the United States $150 billion in healthcare spending each year. And recently reports show obesity leads to migraines, thyroid inflammation and even gum disease. In the experiment, obese mice had 40% more bone loss in their tooth sockets. Pretty hard to eat cheese with no teeth! Then again, eating cheese is a bad idea. It’s yucky.

An often overlooked danger of obesity is the link to global warming. We burn more fuel hauling around heavier people than skinnier people. Fat people are Hummers and thin people are Mini Coopers.

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Foodaroo - March 13, 2009 12:44 AM

"The excess fat may alter the metabolism of eggs..."

Without knowing the C-Reactive protein scores of the 90 or so participants, this is just another "scare tactic". For all we know, it may very well be that the 90+ females have some degree of inflammation. Inflammation of the ovaries is what causes infertility, and this can happen to any female of child bearing age. Body size has nothing to do with it. Eat nothing but processed foods and have sex with the wrong guy can really inflammed the UTI that will lead to inflammation of the ovaries.

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