Toddler Raised On French Fries!

Thanks to Diet Blog for finding thing one! Apparently one British mother thinks it’s totally fine to feed her 18-month year old at diet almost entirely of French fries. You got to see it, to believe it. James Tozer of The Daily Mail reports:
But despite being warned her daughter's future health is at risk, her mother Angela insists the toddler will grow up just fine.

Miss Boswell, 33, said persuading Courtney to eat healthier foods has proved almost impossible.

She said: 'Most of all she loves chips. I ate a lot of chips in chocolate sauce when I was pregnant with her so maybe it comes from that.

'I think she'll be fine when she's older - I'm not worried at all.

'People say she's getting podgy because her tummy sticks out a bit, but it's just a bit of puppy fat and she will grow out of it.'

Courtney, who weighs 2st 2lbs, or half a stone more than the average 18-month-old, will this week feature in Wednesday's ITV1 documentary, Britain's Biggest Babies.

The toddler, whose diet also occasionally extends to chocolate, crisps, cereal and Coca-Cola, is shown devouring a portion of chips in just under ten minutes.
Clearly, this story is a lightening rod. It certainly shot Dr. Fuhrman out of a cannon! Here’s what he had to say:
If I was a child welfare judge, I would lock up this mother in a jail cell with a copy Disease-Proof Your Child and not release her until the book is read and she was quizzed on its contents.
This woman is a freaking a whack job! It’s hard to believe people like this exactly exist! She needs to hear this podcast—stat! Dr. Fuhrman on Getting Children to Eat Well.
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Sharon Shaw - June 13, 2008 10:31 PM

I'm with you, Dr. Fuhrman--however--you're forgetting one thing...this so-called parent probably has trouble reading and reasoning, caused by the excess clogging of the cranial capillaries (alliteration intended)..

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