Tips To Help Makeover the Family Kitchen

From Dr. Fuhrman’s book Disease-Proof Your Child:

1. Remove temptation. Go through your kitchen removing from your cupboard all the junk food and processed food and dump it. Clean out your freezer, too, white you are at it.

2. Make a sign for the refrigerator listing what foods are inside, such as split pea soup, washed grapes, apples surprise, and eggplant dip. Make it easy for the family to find out what healthy foods are available. Have fun. Consider posting an advertisement on a bulletin board with larger letters and colorful stars and hearts for the dish you are encouraging for the day. Be flashy and creative. It works.

3. Keep a bowl of ready-to-eat-raw fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter. Include cherry tomatoes, raw string beans, raw peeled carrot slices, snow pea pods, grapes, strawberries, melon cubes, and cut pineapple. Putting a healthy (nut-based) dip near the veggies is also a great idea.

4. Make several ears of steamed corn on the cob and keep them cold in the fridge for fast meals on the go. Meals and snacks that are easy to find, grab, and run with make it easy for your family to make healthy choices. Air-popped popcorn lightly sprayed with olive oil from a mist spray bottle and sprinkled with nutritional yeast is a tasty snack.

5. Soak dried fruits, such as unsulphered sun-dried apricots or mangoes, in a little unsweetened soy milk, or dried pineapple in a little orange juice, to use as natural sweeteners to add to frozen fruit in the blender or food processor to make delicious natural sorbets for dessert the next day. Keep sun-dried tomatoes soaking in a plastic bag with a little water, too, to add cut up to make salads or vegetable dishes.

6. Make extra servings of oatmeal mixed with apples and cinnamon and keep the leftovers in the refrigerator for a quick breakfast on the go.

7. Stock your cupboard with raisins, currants, dates, seeds, and nuts. Keep plenty of frozen vegetables and fruits in your freezer.

8. Make lots of trail mix packets for your family. Put together some “grab-and-go” minibags of raisins and diced dried apples with nuts and seeds.

9. Buy healthy breads that are 100 percent whole grain, coarsely ground, and low in salt.

10. Remove butter and conventional margarine and instead use only the trans-fat-free healthy spreads.

11. Cut up a fresh pineapple or melon, or juice or peel enough fresh oranges, so all can have some fresh fruit or fresh juice every morning.
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