Disease Proof

Parents, Use What We Already Know

Adapted from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Disease-Proof Your Child:

We must be responsible for our health and the health of our children. We parents have a huge responsibility and can help guide and shape our offspring into health and happy adults, or, through abuse, neglect, ignorance, and even convenience, we can damage their future. We know with certainty that the foods we feed our kids during childhood play a large role in dictating their future health.

We know that children have sensitive vulnerabilities that are quite distinct from adults. Their exposure to chemicals in our environment is more potentially damaging than the same exposure at a later age. It is important to realize that the diet a woman eats during her pregnancy and even before her pregnancy effects the adult health of her future offspring. For example, a recent study shows a strong association in children who develop brain tumors with the mother’s consumption of hotdogs during pregnancy.1 Scientific evidence suggests that cigarette smoking during pregnancy is associated with testicular cancer in sons thirty-five to fifty years later.2 We may get away with risky behaviors when we imbibe in our later years, but when we gamble with our children, the stakes are much higher and the damage more profound.

Health is a complicated issue. All the contributory causes of cancer and other diseases are not presently known. A variety of external factors interact with genetics to initiate and propagate the process of carcinogenesis. Multiple factors come into play to induce damage leading to cancer. Nevertheless, the preponderance of evidence demonstrates that superior nutrition can almost always overwhelm a family history of cancer. The vast majority of cancers are still avoidable.
1. Sarasua S, Savitz DA. Cured and broiled meat consumption in relation to childhood cancer: Denver Colorado. Cancer Causes Control 1994;5(2):141-148.

2. Clemmeson J. Is smoking in pregnancy a cause of testicular cancer? Ugesr Laeger 1997;1359(46):6815-6819.
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