Is Your Teen Fat?

Parents, would you know if your kid had a weight problem? You might see it, but could you admit? New research contends parents fail to perceive weight-related issues. Reuters reports:
These findings are "important" and "troublesome," the researchers say in their report in the medical journal Diabetes Care, because recognition that a child is overweight is a critical first step to making diet and lifestyle changes to promote weight loss.

Dr. Asheley Cockrell Skinner of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and colleagues interviewed 104 adolescents with type 2 diabetes and their parents about perceptions of the adolescents' weight, diet and exercise habits.

To gauge weight perceptions, the teens and their parents were asked if they thought the adolescents were "very overweight, slightly overweight, about right, slightly thin, or very thin?"

While 87 percent of children were overweight by accepted standards, "only 41 percent of parents and 35 percent of adolescents considered the adolescent to be 'very overweight'," the team reports.
I’m not a parent—at least not that I know of—so for a comment, I figured I’d ask the best parent I know, my mom. She raised two boys—and one particularly obnoxious one—she must know something about this. Take a look:
I think most parents know that their child is overweight, but it is hard to acknowledge and deal with it. One worries about putting too much emphasis on weight and body image which may lead to eating disorders and self esteem issues.

There is guilt in taking away the foods you child enjoys and constantly pointing out what is good or not good for them. It is also hard to lead by example as most parents don't follow a healthy diet, therefore, how can we ask our children to do so?

For the most part, parents convince themselves that their child is not really overweight and he/she will outgrow it. It's unfortunate but it is the easiest way out.
Okay, my mom isn’t the only parent out there—although she’d probably the only parent that can tolerate my craziness—so, other parents. What do you think about this report?
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