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Healthy Eating: Don't Deceive Your Kids

Want your kids to eat healthy? It’s actually pretty simple. Parents, it starts with you. Dr. Fuhrman explains:
Setting an example supported by both parents is the most important and most effective way for your children to develop a healthy attitude toward food.
Don’t worry. It’s not as rigorous as you might think. You’ve just got to roll with the punches. More from Dr. Fuhrman:
As parents, we must be consistent, but not perfect. Likewise, it is okay for the children to be consistent, but not perfect either.
Now, one thing’s for sure, this idea of “sneaking” healthy food into junk food is pretty dumb. Mark Bittman of Bitten doesn’t like it:
I sincerely hope that the moronic idea of hiding food that kids don’t like in foods they do — see “The Sneaky Chef” and “Deceptively Delicious” — is a passing phase. (The funniest thing about these two books is that the public uproar wasn’t over their approach to cooking but over which author had the idea first.) This does a real disservice to kids and — not that this is my bailiwick — is evidence that today’s parents will do anything to avoid a confrontation.
Mark’s not the only one. Well’s Tara Parker-Pope is not impressed by it either. Here’s a snippet from my interview with her:
Let's talk about that Jessica Seinfeld book, “Deceptively Delicious,” it is one of the single worst things to happen to childhood nutrition ever.

This idea that we have to hide vegetables from our kids is so wrong. Our job isn't just to inject nutrients into their little bodies. It’s about teaching them about healthful eating. Why are we so puritanical about vegetables, serving them steamed and flavorless? We make our good food taste really good. We should make our good-for-you food taste really good too.
Again, instead of singling out the kids, the whole family should start eating healthfully. Back to Dr. Fuhrman:
No rules only for children. If the parents are not willing to follow the rules set for the house, they should not be imposed on the children.
Veggies are great, but a sugary brownie packed with carrots doesn’t sound healthy to me—what do you think?
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