Fat Pregnancy, Tubby Teenagers...

Let’s see. A mother’s diet can affect the sex of her baby. Exposure to BPA during pregnancy can up the kid’s chance of becoming obese. And now, a new study in Obstetrics & Gynecology claims women who gain too much weight while pregnant may have fat teenagers; Reuters reports.


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Beth - November 14, 2008 3:58 PM

It was bad enough being pregnant, and being told I was too fat (and having #1 taken from me at birth to have her sugar level checked due to my weight gain and her slightly-early birthdate--btw, she was fine). Now, I have to worry that my perfectly-healthy, forever breastfed (age 3 for #1, and still ongoing for #2 at 3 1/2) children will be fat teenagers because I gained 52 and 45 pounds respectively? I appreciate the research. But, try being nauseous every minute and the only thing that helps is eating more and more food. Take off the 15-pound first trimester gain and they're *almost* normal weight gains.

I feel like this is yet one more way to lay the blame on teenage obesity somewhere that can't necessarily be controlled. I'm curious what those teenagers were fed as toddlers. And children. And how much TV they watched versus exercise. And whether they were breastfed.

But, I suppose I should keep my mouth shut until my children are teens...

Aside from learning things that I can no longer do anything about, I'm very much enjoying this blog--thank you!

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