Yahoo Health: 4 Healthy Foods

Joy Bauer, MS, RD, CDN of Joy's Healthy Bite tells us about four healthy foods we should be eating. Check them out:
Beets are one of the best sources of folate, a nutrient which lowers your blood levels of homocysteine, an inflammatory amino acid produced by the body…

…Part of the cruciferous vegetable family, one cup of chopped cabbage contains 20 calories, two grams fiber and is loaded with sulforaphane, a cancer fighting chemical that's been shown to decrease cellular damage throughout the body…

…Guava is a tropical super fruit. One cup provides 110 calories, 376 milligrams Vitamin C (that's more than 300 percent of the daily value), 699 milligrams potassium and nine grams of fiber!Guava also provides a hearty dose of lycopene - an antioxidant that appears to fight prostate cancer (when it comes to lycopene, most people only think about tomatoes)…

…Studies have shown that eating foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin can increase the pigment density in the macula-and greater pigment density means better retina protection, and a lower risk of macula degeneration. One cup steamed Swiss chard provides only 35 calories.
I doubt Dr. Fuhrman would argue with this list. Speaking of lists, get a load of Dr. Fuhrman’s fab five healthy foods:
Berries: Add berries to morning cereals. Make dessert sorbets from frozen berries. My kids love frozen strawberries blended with an orange or orange juice. We usually add a slice of dried pineapple and use our Vita-Mix to make a smooth and delicious strawberry sorbet.

Greens: Make steamed greens with a cashew butter cream sauce. Kids love it. We blend raw cashews and a few dried onion flakes with some soy milk and make a great sauce for chopped kale or broccoli.

Seeds: Seeds are super nutritious wonder foods. Try sprinkling some lightly toasted unhulled sesame seeds and sunflower seeds on salads and vegetables. We like to grind some into a powder and use it like salt on food.

Beans: Beans are fiber and nutrient packed. They give soups that chewy goodness and long-lasting satiety. Add a mixture of split peas, lentils, and adzuki beans to soups and simmer over low heat for about three hours.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a wonderful food in their own class. Whether you consider them a fruit or vegetable, it matters not. Slice them into pita pocket sandwiches. Mash some almond butter with a fork into some tomato sauce to add to the vegetable-tomato-sprout avocado pita pocket. What a great school lunch.
They all sound great to me!
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LLouise - December 3, 2007 5:28 PM

Mmmm...guavas! I miss them. I grew up with lots of guava trees in the neighborhood; now, when I visit the old house, all the guava trees are gone :(
I never see them in stores either...What's a guava-lover to do?

LLouise - December 4, 2007 12:57 AM

I can't describe it. It's a very unique flavor. It's been so long since I've had one; but I won't forget the flavor. When you taste foods with guava flavoring or juices, it's not the same. You know how that is :)

Hey, dandelions, tommies, and figs...sounds like paradise! (no grapes?!)I love all of those. And is there anything more luscious than a perfectly overripe, oozing-yumminess, sweet fig??!! Oooooh.
I love dandies in my green smoothies too, and tomatoes? I eat them every day. You were a lucky one! :)

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