Wednesday Health Notes

  • A fascinating new book called Hungry Planet focuses on photographs of families all over the world posing with the food they eat in a typical week. If we all had photos like this taken every day, we'd all eat better, I guarantee it. You can see a lot of the photos on the photographer's website and there are several more photos and some interviews on the NPR website.
  • You hear a lot about McDonald's and Coca-Cola being exported to the developing world. Here's an article about a movement to encourage Kenyans to grow and eat vegetables. One account of how it's going: "Look at the children... They look much stronger and are more noisy."
  • Free online video of T. Colin Campbell (The New York Times calls his China Study "the Grand Prix of all epidemiological studies") delivering a speech about how meat and dairy promote cancer. What strikes me: this is a man who grew up on a dairy farm. His love of science has driven him to call himself a vegan.
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association shows what we have known for a long time: lots of Americans are not in good shape: "Low fitness was identified in 33.6% of adolescents."
  • There is a new doo-dad on the right side of the homepage at that shows the latest headlines from this blog. You can click on it to come here.
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Megan Cornish - January 5, 2006 5:27 PM

I thought the article on Kenya was particularly fascinating because it was about improving the health of people with AIDS through eating more leafy green vegetables. And it really works, both for the adults & the kids!

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