U.S. Food Spending Drops Sharply

Last year, more and more people opened their wallets only to find cobwebs where money used to be, as a result consumer spending on food dropped in 2008, hurting restaurants, brand names and grocery stores. Food spending fell an inflation-adjusted 3.7%, the steepest decline in the 62 years the government has recorded the figure. People’s preferences changed too, for the better and the not-so-better, buying of fresh vegetables jumped 2.3% and beef and sweets decreased 3.4% and 5.1% respectively, but eggs increased 3% and milk 1%; The Wall Street Journal reports.

But the recession-diet news is conflicted. Previous reports claim pasta consumption is up in the United States, because it’s a cheap food that can feed a whole family, despite being incredibly nutrient poor. And others suggest more Americans are turning to processed cereals and ditching veggies to save money.

No doubt, buying food can be very expensive. So try shopping at a farmers market or buying marked down fruits and veggies. Both will help keep money in your wallet.

Via TreeHugger.

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Christine - February 19, 2009 4:13 PM

I don't understand why people who are on tight budgets feel they can't buy good food. I was on line at a market and noticed the woman ahead of me with her kids. She had a punch drink, marshmallow-type cereal, chips and whole milk. The store we were in had grapes for $.67/lb., bananas $.47/lb., and oranges $3.99/5lbs. I was thinking what a shame that these kids don't have fresh fruit in the house, it really isn't more expensive if you look for sales and buy what is in season.

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