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Tasty Red Clover

See that stuff. It’s red clover. It grows everywhere and apparently you can EAT it. Jonathan M. Forester of SlashFood insists the shoots are yummy and the flowers are loaded with protein. Check it out:

Red & White Clover are both edible raw in salads, as cooked greens, and more. The young and tender shoots and greens can be tasty, but older ones can get tough. Just stick to ones that look fresh and haven't gone grass-like and you should be fine. The flower heads are nutritious and full of protein but they should either be soaked in salty water for a few hours or briefly boiled or cooked before eating; so that they are easier to digest. Eating them raw is usually not as good an experience. I like them stir fried or sauteed until well done, or lightly battered and made into fritters or tempura. I find that the saltiness of the tempura dipping sauce works well with them. If the blossoms seem past their prime, or even going to seed, all the better. Because then you can dry them and grind them into a protein rich and nutritious flour. Just don't try to cook and eat them unless they are soft and fresh, or they will be quite unappetizing.

I was personally introduced to them when I was studying wilderness survival, and one day we had to prepare and eat them every way we could. It wasn't a high point of the week long course, but not the low point either.

I have to admit. Eating flowers makes me nervous. Not sure why. Although, I’ve seen Dr. Fuhrman himself eat an orchid. Even still, it weirds me out—do any of you eat flowers?

Oh, and for more interesting plant news. TreeHugger is talking about hemp.

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Elijah Lynn - September 4, 2008 11:30 AM

Love it! I am very interested in Wilderness Survival and that is some good knowledge to know! I barely ever watch TV and if I do it is Survivorman.

I ate a tiger lilly recently! They are very tasty and have a kinda peppery affect, interesting aftertaste.

Monica - September 4, 2008 12:55 PM

Oh yes, I eat flowers! I've been eating nasturtium for years. I grow my own and don't use pesticides, so I pick them and eat them right out of my garden. Delicious!!

Dana - September 4, 2008 2:27 PM

I agree with you. Eating flowers just seems a little too strange to me. I know that some of them are perfectly fine to eat but it just seems wrong!

Scott - September 4, 2008 3:37 PM

I used to eat these as a kid. My mother would always get upset and tell us that a dog could have peed on them. Never ate any salty ones so I got lucky.

HappyCat - September 6, 2008 8:55 AM

Edible flowers are nothing new. Italians cook squash blossoms, nasturtiums are great in salad, Martha Stewart decorates cakes with violets.

Just google "edible flowers" and you will find lots of lists.

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