Spinach is Back

Consumers can now resume buying and eating fresh spinach, the Food and Drug Administration said”; this from William Yardley of The New York Times. Given the recent hubbub about tainted spinach, I decided to ask Dr. Fuhrman for his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:
Interestingly spinach and kale are the two highest nutrient foods on the American landscape and spinach is the healthiest food that Americans eat in any significant quantity.

During this crisis, I recommend people eat lots of frozen spinach—you can mix some defrosted frozen spinach on top of a salad. Of course you can shred cabbage, carrots, bok choy, and beets on top of lettuce salads to add substance too.

The risk of not eating greens is a significant risk to the health of Americans and there has not been one recorded case of E-coli from other greens in this timeframe. So bump up the other greens right now to make up for it. I encourage you to go green.
Growers are certainly hoping people are still willing to go green. Because as Juliana Barbassa of the Associated Press reports many farmers are worried that consumer confidence for spinach has been shaken:
During the two-week warning about E. coli in fresh spinach, growers said they re-examined the safety of their operations, anguished over the suffering of the 187 people sickened and one who died, and weathered significant losses as they watched crops go to waste.
Barbassa explains many farmers have staked their claim on spinach devoting significant acreage for growing the plant. Low consumer confidence could result in decreased harvest value and heavy losses for farmers.
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John Allen Mollenhauer - October 2, 2006 7:28 PM

I was personally in California talking to spinach growers during this time, and read the newspapers on this. Spinach was likely not the actual cause; the manure that was being used as fertilizer, was more likely to be the carrier. Of course media has it's effect.

Still the smoking gun has been hard to identify. At least eat frozen for the time being, but as DrFuhrman said, this is one of the most Nutrient Rich foods along side Kale, so keep them in your diet.

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