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Someone Else's Sushi Folly

Okay, last week I shamefully admitted to some sushi indiscretions. Now in hindsight my dietary glitch wasn’t that bad, sure I ate a little white rice and possibly some contaminated salmon—I say possibly because I’m not exactly sure what variety of salmon I ate. If you check out OceansAlive.org you’ll see most salmon is safe for consumption, but some isn't.

But if you ignore those two concessions, my “cheat” could have been a lot worse, after all I could have splurged on deep-fried snickers bars. And, the sushi was prepared with cucumber, avocado, and carrots—hello phytonutrients! So I’m not too upset with myself.

Of course if I ate as much sushi as this guy—I’d still be kicking myself! Fifty-two pieces of sushi in twenty minutes and the meal is free. Now that’s hardcore. Check it out. So between my slip up and this video I think its time to revisit Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendation for how much fish people should eat. In Fishing for the Truth he lays it on the line:
Choose fish over other animal products, but be aware that the place where it was caught, and the type of fish, matters. Don't accept recreational fish from questionable waters. Farmed fish is safer. Never eat high-mercury-content fish. Don't eat fish more than twice a week, and if you have a family history of hemorrhagic stroke, limit it further to only once a month.
I wonder how fifty-two pieces of fish stacks up against this recommendation. I wish you could make out the types of fish the guy ordered, because as I found out in the Bonefish Grill edition of Eating to Live on the Outside, when it comes to contamination the type of fish you order makes all the difference.

Oh, and be sure to check out Fishing for the Truth for the varieties of fish Dr. Fuhrman considers low contamination risks.
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