Disease Proof

Sleep and Fasting are Natural Restorers

From Dr. Fuhrman’s book Fasting and Eating for Health:

Therapeutic fasting can be compared to the recuperative therapy we rely on ever night when we sleep in order to charge the body for the next day. Excess stresses, whether from excess consumption of substances or from stressful physical and mental activities, impose negative biological effects on the body. Recuperation through sleep is responsible for rebuilding and preparing the body to handle the increasing demands. Rest and sleep enable the body to recover from the effects of these waking stresses, because the body can concentrate its repair efforts most effectively at this time when fewer demands are placed upon it.

Recuperation takes time, sometimes more time and effort than people recognize. The goal of fasting is to allow time to provide extended physiological rest for purposes of catching up with recuperative needs generated from the vicious cycle of overactivity, over stimulation, and dietary indiscretions.
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Mary Husband - November 4, 2011 9:55 AM

I've been sick with sinusitis (at least that is what I think it is) for about a month now. I can't stop coughing at night and my nose is constantly plugged. T tried using natural means to rid myself of it but as time went on, I had lots of pressure from co-workers to see the Doctor. So, I did. I ended up taking anti-biotis that didn't work.
2 days ago I decided to try a fast. I'm on my 3rd day. I feel pretty weak today. Am I doing the right thing?

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