Seven Secrets of Longevity: In Conclusion

From the March 2004 edition of Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Times, Dr. Fuhrman wraps up his seven secrets to longevity:

Most common diseases do not occur because of insurmountable genetic influences; they occur secondary to environmental influences, and those environmental influences are largely nutritional.

Scientific studies confirm that nutrition overrides genes during the development of disease. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that people who migrate from a country with high disease risk to a country with low disease risk (and vice versa) get the risk of the country to which they move. Obviously, the people’s genes remain the same; only their diets and lifestyles change. Therefore, the diet (and other lifestyle factors) causes the altered disease risk, not the genes.

Many of the diseases seen today were relatively unknown hundreds of years ago. Our genes haven’t changed, but our environment and nutrition have changed dramatically.

Many people mistakenly believe disease, illness, death, and aging are beyond our control. The fact is, Nature has given us a marvelous, complicated body, capable of repairing and regulating itself and maintaining health excellence when we supply it with some simple prerequisites of health—proper food, clean air and drinking water, adequate sleep, sufficient exercise or activity, and emotional stability. Excellent health and a long life is earned and can be yours.

Here's more from this DiseaseProof miniseries:

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