Score a Goal, Eat a Cupcake

I admit, I’m more than eager to trot this story out again-again, but do you remember last week’s post about England’s meat pie pushing mothers? You know. Those uber-moms who started selling hamburgers to students outside of schools in spite of the recent initiatives to improve school food. You got to appreciate that kind of caring—and degree of mental illness!

Well, here’s an example of some homegrown, good old-fashioned American dietary dopiness. How many of you remember the post-soccer-game orange slices? You do, good. But what about the post-game chips, juice-boxes, Ho Hos, and Hawaiian Punch? No? From The New York Times Op-Ed section, Harlan Coben tells us all about it—and he’s none to happy:
Are none of us reading about the obesity of our young people? Do you think it helps their well-being that after every sporting event our children gorge themselves Fall-of-Roman-Empire style on extra calories, extra sugar, extra hydrogenated fat? I recently sat down with Annette O’Neill, a registered dietitian and bona fide nutritionist, and asked her, “Do you think it’s a good idea for our kids to have Cheetos and Kool-Aid after a sporting event?” Her response: “Uh, no.”
Coben certainly is amazed with our cultures propensity to incorporate snacking into every facet of our lives. I guess that’s one reason why it can be so hard to teach kids the importance of healthy eating, especially since—as Coben puts it—every classroom celebration involves softball-sized cupcakes.

If you’re fed up like Coben, check out this podcast where Dr. Fuhrman offers up tips on getting children to eat well.
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