Research: Mice Healthier with Japanese Diet

The standard American diet's (SAD) streak of defeats continues. According to the Associated Press researchers from Tohoku University determined the traditional Japanese diet (touted as the reason for low levels of obesity in Japan) is healthier than the American diet. Kozo Mizoguchi reports:

A nutritionist created two menus comprising 21 typical foods from the United States and Japan, according to reports of the study seen by The Associated Press.

Each meal, freeze dried and mixed into powder, was given to eight mice for a period of three weeks, the reports showed.

The American menu included hamburgers and fried chicken, while the Japanese menu included sashimi, or raw fish, and rice porridge.

The study found that several genes that work to break down cholesterol and fat were 1.5 times more active in the mice which received the Japanese menu as opposed to those fed with American food.

The study also found that the level of cholesterol was 10 percent higher in the American-food fed mice.

But Mizoguchi reports the future is uncertain:

Health experts, however, are worried about rising rates of obesity, especially among young people who prefer fast food.
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Art Konstantino - May 28, 2006 12:38 PM

This is so incredible. It is proof that the body will make its own cholesterol as needed to protect the heart and whatever else. This also proves that a simple and "easy to digest meal" is the way to longevity. Packing in "globs"(means too much) of protein(meat, nuts and seeds), fat(cheeses, sour cream, milk, butter, too much avacado and too much oils) will contaminate the blood and have deadly results. All the breads, processed foods, flours and junk drinks as well as food bars of all sorts push the pancreas in such a negative direction. Mixing incompatable foods generally create intestinal stress and severe digestion problems. Keep up the good work!

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