Prevent Deficiencies with Plant-Based Nutrition

From the March 2004 edition of Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Times, here is Dr. Fuhrman’s second secret to longevity:

As seemingly healthful as one’s diet may be, disease, accelerated aging—or even death—can occur if that person is missing B12, vitamin D, or any other individual nutrient. For example, one well-known advocate of a fruit-based, raw-food diet, died in his sixties of a vitamin B12 deficiency. The B12 deficiency leads to high levels of homocysteine, which can destroy the heart and blood vessels, even while the person eats an otherwise excellent vegetarian diet.

The most dramatic finding in nutritional science in the last fifty years is the power of plant-derived phytochemicals to affect health. Phytochemicals, along with the rich assortment of powerful antioxidants found in unrefined plant foods, fuel a defensive system that removes toxic cellular metabolites that age us. Phytochemicals also are required for maintenance and repair of our DNA.

Cancer may be promoted by toxic compounds, but we have cellular machinery, fueled by phytochemicals, to detoxify and remove noxious agents and to repair any damage done. Our body is self-healing and self-repairing when given sufficient nutrient support to maximize efficiency of protective cellular machinery. But, only when we consume large amounts of green vegetables and a diversity of natural plant foods can we maximize phytochemical delivery to our tissues.

Here's more from this DiseaseProof miniseries:

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Jordan - February 16, 2007 2:39 PM

The first paragraph doesn't seem to go with the second two. Plants only will kill you, so eat more plants? What is the recommendation to get B12?

Megan Cornish - February 17, 2007 2:48 AM

You're misinterpreting the first paragraph. Animal products will kill, unless you restrict them to a very small part of your diet. But even an otherwise healthy plant-based diet can be deficient in some nutrients that are essential. Two examples are B12, which vegetarians & near vegetarians need to supplement their diets with, & vitamin D, which many people do not produce enough of because they don't spend enough time in the sun, & therefore also need to supplement.

peter - February 19, 2007 12:04 AM

You people have no idear what you are talking about!
Big industrie has you .
Plant food is bad- animal food is bad
-salt is bad- air is bad- water is bad
You will never know the truth because
you will not look. Open your between the lines, look for who gains
Their is a war between animal and plant based foods,look read use your comonsence and the truth will reveal
its self to YOU

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