Presidential Health Wars: McCain Robust, Obama Excellent

Doctors are describing Senator John McCain’s health as “robust.” The New York Times reports:

Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has kidney stones and takes medication to reduce his cholesterol but otherwise has a strong heart and is in good shape, the doctors said.

“At the present time, Senator McCain enjoys excellent health and displays extraordinary energy,” Mr. McCain’s primary care physician, Dr. John D. Eckstein, told reporters in a conference call arranged by Mr. McCain’s campaign. “While it is impossible to predict any person’s future health, today I can find no medical reason or problems that would preclude Senator McCain from fulfilling all the duties and obligations of president of the United States.”

In addition, Dr. Eckstein said, “We continue to find no evidence of metastasis or recurrence of the invasive melanoma as we approach the eighth anniversary of that operation.”

He concluded that the prognosis for Mr. McCain was “very good” because “the time of greatest risk for recurrence of invasive melanoma is within the first few years after the surgery.”
Others are calling Senator Barack Obama’s health “excellent.” More from The New York Times:

It is the first time Mr. Obama, 46, has publicly released information on his medical history or current health condition. The brief statement summarized the senator’s health for the last 21 years and was signed by Dr. David L. Scheiner , who has been Mr. Obama’s primary care physician for more than two decades.

Mr. Obama’s “family history is pertinent,” according to the doctor, who noted that the senator’s mother died from ovarian cancer and his grandfather died of prostate cancer. Mr. Obama’s smoking history – off and on for at least two decades – also was noted.

“His own history included intermittent cigarette smoking,” Dr. Scheiner wrote in a six-paragraph letter. “He has quit this practice on several occasions and is currently using Nicorette gum with success.”

Dr. Schiener, who is on staff at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Rush University Medical Center, said he last examined Mr. Obama on Jan. 15, 2007 – one day before Mr. Obama created a presidential exploratory committee. He has been Mr. Obama’s doctor since March 23, 1987.
So, what’s better, excellent or robust?
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Matthew Scott - May 30, 2008 3:32 PM

I don't really care about what their doctors say about their health, because that tells you the sum total of what they've done in the past.

I'm much more interested in their plans for the future:

- What do they eat on a daily basis?

- How aware are they about the importance of nutrition to reduce sickness in this country?

And perhaps more importantly:

- What lobbies have they catered toward as far as disease-promoting groups such as the beef and dairy industries?

- What policies will they champion as far as how the federal government is involved with the quality, supply, and promotion of various types of food?

Gerry Pugliese - May 30, 2008 4:30 PM

Hey Matthew-

I'm with you. I just got a kick out of the reports. Actually The Daily Show had funny coverage on this.


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