Disease Proof

Preparing Your Home for Eating Healthfully

From Dr. Fuhrman's book Disease Proof Your Child:

  • Stock your home with a variety of produce, especially fresh fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds. Incorporate bean burgers, vegetable/bean soups, and fruit-centered desserts.
  • Replace foods of animal origin with foods of plant origin. Limit poultry to once or twice a week and red meat to even less. Remove skin from poultry. Use the light meat only.
  • Remove sugar, salt, and white flour from the home, as well as all products with these added. Use only whole-grain breads and pasta. Use tomato sauce for pasta, not oil-based or cheese-based sauces. Try bean or lentil pasta instead of wheat flour pasta.
  • Minimize the use of vegetable oils, replacing them with dressings and sauces made with avocados and whole nuts and seeds. Make delicious desserts with nuts, seeds, and avocados to encourage the consumption of healthy fats.
  • Do not keep cheese and butter in the house. If eating dairy foods, select no-fat varieties and only eat small amounts. Replace dairy products with soymilk and nut milk fortified with calcium and vitamin D and B12. If utilizing dairy products in your home, only use fat-free versions.
  • Avoid eating lobster, shrimp, mollusks, catfish, swordfish, bluefish, mackerel, pike, shark, tuna, and any fish caught in questionable waters. Limit other fish to once weekly.
  • Eliminate fried foods and barbecued foods, both of which expose you to high levels of carcinogenic compounds produced by these high-heat cooking methods.
  • Remove all sweet drinks, soda, and processed fruit juice from the house.
  • Make healthy snacks available; cherry tomatoes, raw nuts, carrots, fruit, chickpeas, corn, and raw string beans are great choices. (For toddlers below the age of two and a half, be aware of the choking hazard of whole nuts and carrots.)

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anet - April 15, 2006 9:32 PM

love these tips...only a one thing missing... how to live with someone who eats the standard American diet...
Some things done at my house...
1) Put the chips and granola in inaccessible places (to avoid temptation for me-- I am a crunchy food lover)
2)organic non dairy Choc goes into a "lock box" (I used to be a choc addict- now I have to put in a request for it, or walk to the store and get some cheap choc candy)

Occassionally, my cheese-eating husband will leave out his cheese and I will be tempted...I'll have a few shreds (then I remember the "pus count" info on the notmilk.com website and promptly stop eating it

Oh.. my husband's diet has improved immensely in the last couple of years due to changes in what foods we stock

Dana - April 19, 2006 5:19 PM

I read an article about sugar aldehydes in fructose reacting with amino acids and creating Advance Glycosylation End-products. Also stated was that because fructose doesn't raise insulin levels, it lingers around in the body and wrecks metabolic havoc. I eat a lot of fruit and naturally, this was quite alarming to me. Does anyone know the validity of this claim? They also state that one should check for glycation levels, and ask your doctor to measure the concentration of glycated hemoglobin in your blood. In England, a study revealed that this is one of the best measured tests able to predict mortality; far better than cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index. What???

TabathaOster - May 18, 2006 11:56 AM

Awesome blog. Peace out until next time TabathaOster

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