No More Peanut Allergies...

Could genetically modified plants mean the end of peanut allergies? Stephen Daniells of Food Navigator explains:
"An example would be to introduce anti-sense RNA copies of the allergen gene into the peanut plant to suppress allergen gene expression," stated Dr. Burks. "Post-translational gene silencing by mRNA degradation is another approach being investigated."

"The difficulty with this and similar approaches is that several peanut proteins are involved in IgE binding.

"The process of altering enough of the peanut allergens to make a modified peanut that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction would probably render the new peanut no longer a peanut," he added.

Despite offering a potentially life-saving solution for millions around the world, acceptance of GM peanuts is not guaranteed. The GM tag continues to be one of the biggest challenges for consumer acceptance, particularly in Europe and most notably in the UK.
I don’t know, high-tech plants can be pretty scary. Remember these, Food: Truth and Untruth in Advertising?
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Monty - May 5, 2008 3:59 PM

Will eating peanuts with spliced-in elephant genes (who knows what they put in?) make your nose grow into a trunk? Anything is possible.

Llouise - May 5, 2008 5:59 PM

Monty, I don't think so, but it may improve your memory :^)

When a peanut is no longer a peanut -- brilliant! Seriously, LEAVE NATURE BE!!!!

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