Monday: Vegan Points

Urea—Urea comes from urine and other "bodily fluids." It’s used to "brown" baked goods, like pretzels. Um, yeah. And the oven is for ??
My Monstera fruit finally ripened. This is really not a good fruit for someone who is impatient. From all accounts, if you wait until it's not fully ripened the black stuff you see in the center can be toxic. Not lethal or anything, but it might cause a reaction.
I have been mostly off Eat to Live in the last week as money is really tight because of tires, brakes, and new “used” clothes so I couldn’t splurge on fruits and vegetables as I have been doing in the last few weeks. And I am having such a hard time finding great fruit ! I don’t know what is happening but the last two batches of nectarines were so awful that nobody ate them. It’s apple season and that is mostly what I have had for fruit. It gets boring rather quickly. I still don’t eat vegetable oil though. BUT, the BUTT is still there, and I am stuck at 164. I eat bread, pasta, and I don’t limit the amounts.
"Many foods contain goitrogens, compounds that interfere with thyroid function (and in extreme cases can cause an enlarged thyroid, called a goiter). Along with soyfoods, millet, cruciferous vegetables and other foods contain goitrogens. Generally, these foods cause problems only in areas where iodine intake is low since this mineral is important for thyroid function. The effects of iodine deficiency can be made worse if the diet is high in goitrogens."
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Debbie Cowherd - October 23, 2006 2:50 PM

Urea is commonly artificially synthesized, it's not necessarily an animal product. See

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