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Laugh for Longevity

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Nobody! Whether it’s a great knock-knock joke or a person awkwardly slipping on ice—don’t lie, you laugh at that—funny is funny. And according to new research, having a good sense of humor might help you live longer too. Marilyn Elias of USA Today reports:
Adults who have a sense of humor outlive those who don't find life funny, and the survival edge is particularly large for people with cancer, says Sven Svebak of the medical school at Norwegian University of Science and Technology…

…The greater a role humor played in their lives, the greater their chances of surviving the seven years, Svebak says. Adults who scored in the top one-quarter for humor appreciation were 35% more likely to be alive than those in the bottom quarter, he says.
This seems logical to me. Laughing makes you feel terrific, so, why wouldn’t it be good for your health? Heck, even Dr. Fuhrman believes a good emotional environment is important for a long healthy life. He elaborates on this in An Emotionally Satisfying Environment is Vital:
Humans are complicated creatures, and our minds have powerful effects on healing and wellness. A positive purpose, loving relationships, self-respect, and the power to control our destiny have beneficial effects on our physiological—and ultimately physical—well-being. Few people have the perfect life without any negative stressors, but it makes a difference if you deal with those stressors with hope and action, rather than resignation and passivity.

A safe and satisfying work environment, a happy marriage, a satisfying social and/or family life, and activities you enjoy are all related to positive health outcomes. Emotional wellness starts right here your finger tips end. As you respect and appreciate the value in the world around you and develop interests in other people and in such things as art, music, entertainment, sports, nature, and physical activity, you can respect yourself more for your ability and desire to appreciate the value of things not yourself.
Oh, and if you’re looking for a good laugh, just internet-search the phrase low-carb—tons of belly laughs!
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