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Healthy Diet: Premium Gas

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is great, but, if you’re not used to it—get ready for an interesting few days! In fact, you might want to quarantine yourself. Why? Check out this article in The Los Angeles Times. Susan Bowerman examines why healthy food makes us so darn gassy:
Certain foods, such as beans or Brussels sprouts, have a reputation for causing gas, but, in reality, any carbohydrate-containing food is potentially "flatu- logenic," to use the technical term. Fruits, vegetables, grain products and legumes all contain the gas-causing culprits — a variety of short-chain carbohydrates known as oligosaccharides, some of which escape complete digestion as they pass into the lower intestine…

…Because people respond differently, trial and error is the best approach. But also consider this: Since many of the gas-promoting culprits in our foods are healthful, we may need to think about what "gas price" we're willing to pay, in the form of short-term discomfort, in exchange for long-term health benefits.
“Sorry honey, I don’t mean to be gross. It’s just my healthy diet at work.” Yeah, I don’t think that excuse will keep you from sleeping on the couch that night. But regardless, Dr. Fuhrman insists increased gassiness is an all too common part of adjusting to a healthy diet. He talks about it in Cholesterol Protection For Life:
When you change your diet to one that is so much lower in salt and higher in nutrients your blood pressure will drop significantly and you will begin a detoxification process that can be compared to stopping additive drugs. You may actually feel worse, not better for a week or two.

During this temporary adjustment period that usually lasts less than a week, and rarely more than two weeks, you might feel fatigue, headaches, gassy, or other mild symptoms as your body withdraws from your prior toxic eating habits. For example, stopping dangerous but stimulating foods, including caffeine, causes temporary fatigue and headaches.
Alright, so you’ve got two weeks to use up some great “pull my finger” jokes.
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