Healthy Candy Bars?

A few days ago Elliott Minor of The Associated Press reported that chocolate makers plan to roll out healthy candy bars. As we have discussed before, Mars Inc. plans to launch "CocaVia" a new product line made with a dark chocolate. The vitamin enriched, plant sterol injected snack food exploits dark chocolate's high in flavanol content. An antioxidant found in cocoa beans believed to thin the blood. Some medical professionals have mixed reactions:

Rachael Brandeis, a national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association in Atlanta, said dark chocolate is a good source of flavanols, but so are other foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

"Dark chocolate can fit into a healthy diet," she said. The fat in chocolate is a type that does not raise cholesterol levels, but it can add unwanted pounds if a person overindulges, she said.

These processed and sweetened chocolate products are rich in hype and excess calories. Dr. Fuhrman's fruit and vegetable based diet style will provide you with many of aforementioned disease-preventing nutrients. If you absolutely can't live without a chocolate fix consider this message from Dr. Fuhrman in the discussion forum of

You do not have to stay off chocolate, you can purchase raw cacao buds and make smoothies and sauces and healthy puddings with that chocolate flavor. All the beneficial compounds, antioxidants and flavonoids in the raw cacao make it a valuable food, even with minimal exposure to toxic components such as caffeine. I have no problem with you powdering some cacao in the VitaMix and making some chocolate style treats occasionally. Spinach, kale, banana, cacao powder, macadamia nuts and dates make a great, healthy chocolate pudding.
A lot of people have wondered how you can tell which kind of cacao is recommended. Dr. Fuhrman and his staff have tested a lot of them, looking for excellent nutrition and flavor. The best they have foudn is now available in powdered form and is one of Dr. Fuhrman's newest products.
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Robin K - February 27, 2006 11:46 AM

I tried a pack of Cocovia bars out of curiousity when I saw them at Wild Oats. They were good but no better than a 1.3oz Dove Dark Chocolate Bar and a lot more expensive. Even better and in line with the Eat to Live lifestyle, Wild Oats has organic dark-cocao-powder-dusted raw whole almonds in a bulk bin. Tasty but very expensive. Excited to learn of Dr. Fuhrman's new cocao powder product--will just have to try that soon!

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