Health Points: Wednesday

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle gave 23 people enough alcohol to reach a blood alcohol level of 0.04% (half the legal limit in many states and about 2 1/2 beers for a 180-pound man). A second group of 23 people drank no alcohol.

The researchers then showed members of both groups a 25-second video clip in which two teams passed a ball back and forth — and asked them to count the number of times one team passed the ball. During the clip, a person in a gorilla suit walks through the crowd, thumps its chest and walks off.
Researchers found that 46% in the control group saw the gorilla, but only 18% in the alcohol group did so.
1) Cell phones: I cannot describe how irking it is to enter the examining room and find the patient talking on the cell phone. Ask yourself, is this phone call more important than your bladder infection or kidney stone? If the answer is no, then please have the courtesy to put the phone away and silence the ringer.

Even ruder is when I am talking to the patient and the cell phone rings, and (s)he actually ANSWERS the damn thing in the middle of the consultation. I wait for the (usually inane) conversation to end while silently fuming inside.
Authoritarian parents, they wrote, “have high demands for self-control but low levels of sensitivity.” Compared with authoritative parents, they are more dictatorial. They are strict disciplinarians, often insensitive to the child’s needs and give little emotional support. Previous studies have linked authoritarian methods with lower grades in school and later behavior problems.

Only slightly less harmful in terms of children’s risk of being overweight are parents who are overly permissive, a style characterized by “low expectations for self-control and discipline in the setting of high sensitivity and warmth.” Their children often fail to learn limits. They may be more self-confident but often have little self-control, resulting in higher levels of drug use and school misconduct, previous studies have shown.
Make all your sides vegan. This is easy if you're a member of the CSA and have a large batch of fresh veggies and herbs. There are plenty of vegan recipes on the web site (vegetarian recipes are marked as such, but you'll have to look more closely for explicitly vegan recipes) and most public libraries have a vast collection of vegan cookbooks that you can borrow. If you have enough tasty vegan sides, they can mix and match those to fill up their plate. But please don't leave them with just salad and carrot sticks.

Ask the vegan if they want to bring a dish. Many times, vegans will bring their own dishes to functions in order to not trouble the host while ensuring that they have something to eat. But if it's a potluck, let the vegan know you're looking forward to seeing what they bring and trying something new.
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