Health Points: Friday

  • Light and fluffy like a butterfly, sweet and tangy like a bee. According to The New York Times Muhammad Ali is rolling out his own line of health food. Michel Marriott reports:
    The first products to roll out in convenience stores early next year will be packaged snacks with names like Rumble, Shuffle and Jabs — fruit-laden rolls and finger foods baked into vaguely signature shapes like boxing gloves and punching bags. Some flavors, like barbecued chicken and Buffalo wings, are a twist on snack classics, while others, like sweet corn and cole slaw, evoke the farmer's market.

    The new line has the lofty aim of fighting youth obesity, with no snack containing more than 150 calories. Each is fortified with vitamins and fiber, said Edward Rapp, a senior member of Mr. Ali's new company, GOAT Food and Beverage (GOAT being an acronym for — what else? — Greatest of All Time).

  • Aetiology offers a maddening amount of information on “mad cow” disease, and an even more insidious infliction called Kuru:
    So-called "mad cow" disease, in humans, is a progressive neurological disorder more correctly called variant Creuzfield-Jacob disease (vCJD). This is due to infection with an agent called a prion. Additional background can be found here, but briefly, the prion is actually a misfolded form of a normal host protein (called PrPc, standing for "prion protein, cellular form"). Its a concern to human health largely because the disease swept through cattle herds in the UK in the 1980s, and it is uncertain just how many humans unknowingly consumed contaminated beef--and therefore, how many may eventually develop vCJD.

    vCJD is one of a family of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs); others in this family include scrapie (which affects sheep), chronic wasting disease (which affects deer, elk, and moose, among others), and another human TSE called kuru (discussed further below).

  • Salt has been in the news lately, Sally Squires of The LA Times presents some tips to help get salt out of our lives.
  • Kottke has some seriously funny issues with his wife’s recent reaction to Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals:
    Lately though, Mr. Pollan, the situation has become much worse. Meg has completely forsaken her marital duties, turning her evening attentions elsewhere. It took me a few weeks to discover what she was up to, but she finally admitted to tending a hayfield in an empty lot in Queens. Oh, didn't I tell you? Meg has purchased a cow. I don't know where this cow is located, but his name is Arthur. She's taking me to meet him before he's humanely slaughtered so that, and I quote precisely, "you know where your food comes from for a change".

    After the cow news became widely known in our household, Meg turned our extra bedroom into a hay mow, which mow is the subject of our building's co-op board meeting next month. An eighth floor resident complained about the conveyor belt chucking bales into the building's alley and the straw situation in the elevator was getting on everyone's nerves. I dare not add to the register of complaints by mentioning my acute hay-fever at this point.

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