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Health Points: Friday

  • According to HealthDay researchers say childhood obesity leaves overweight children more prone to migraine headaches: Migraines More Common in Overweight Kids
    "The numbers tell us that being overweight may contribute to kids having more headaches, most often migraines," Dr. Andrew D. Hershey, director of the Headache Center and a pediatric neurologist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, said in a prepared statement. "There are likely a number of causes, including poorer general health, body stress, lack of exercise and nutrition. It may not be that being overweight directly causes migraine, but that the reasons for being overweight cause these children to have worsening headaches."
  • CNN reports parents and caregivers too content to let kids sit around all day: At home and school, kids are sedentary

    "One of the guidelines is that children should not be sedentary for more than 60 minutes at a time. In other words, after 60 minutes they should be up and moving for 10 minutes blocks of time," he said. "As children move into elementary school, they shouldn't be sedentary for more than 90 minutes at a time."
  • The Associated Press introduces amaranth and other alternative fibers: Goodbye wheat, hello amaranth, say consumers
    Amaranth, grown for millennia by the Aztecs, has twice as much iron as wheat and is higher in protein and fiber. Quinoa, an ancient Andean crop, has less fiber but more protein and iron than wheat.
  • Organic Authority talks about the dangers of salt: Hold the salt
    Excess sodium greatly increases the chance of developing hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Research shows most Americans consume two to three times the amount of sodium that is healthy, with an estimated 75%-80% of daily intake coming from processed and restaurant foods.
  • Healthy Eating would love to see Buffalo New York become the restaurant capital of the world by serving healthy food: Restaurants Can Offer Healthy Choices
    My dream is to find restaurants offering healthy choices and changing preparation to include steaming, poaching, broiling and crock-pot cooking. Like the revolution that eliminated smoking from restaurants, this will not be easy. People will claim that it won't sell. They will claim loss of customers and people's right to eat bad food. People eat Chinese food, Greek food, French, English, Italian and American food, so why can't they eat "Healthy Food?" This was no accident, just the first of many attempts to satisfy the market for healthy foods. These changes are an answer to "leaning toward the dream." The U.S. has just dropped from 25th to 29th in ranking the longevity of Americans as compared to the other industrialized nations of the world.
  • Julie's Health Club takes a look at the ever-resilient issue of mercury contamination: Don't touch the tuna
    The government still won't protect consumers against mercury in certain kinds of seafood by requiring warning labels, but select retailers are doing their part. Whole Foods, Safeway and Wild Oats have all volunteered to post signs in stores that alert shoppers about possibly high mercury levels, reports Progressive Grocer.
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