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Fruit: Tasty, Easy...

Check out this gem Diet-Blog got his hands on. Presenting fruit, the easy, the tasty, and the in-between—enjoy:

Very cute, I’d love to see the veggie-equivalent of this—any artists out there?
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David - March 4, 2008 11:45 AM

What's with dissing oranges? Not only should they be much higher on the tasty axis, but I'd argue they should be further right on the easy axis as well (not very hard to peel, very easy to eat).

I'd put pears lower on the tasty scale. And I'd put seeded grapes further left on the difficult side. Grapes are more of a pop-em-in-the-mouth type fruit -- annoying to have to spit out a little seed and try not to choke on it. Hah.

Llouise - March 4, 2008 4:22 PM

Pshaw! David! Spitting out grape seeds? How could you?! Chew 'em ;)
Or you could do it the easy way and get seedless grapes :D

I would however, say watermelons are NOT difficult. Shoot...just gimme a spoon and I eat it right out its shell ;D

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