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Friday: Food Points

Moreover, women who were prone to binge-eating problems often overindulged when eating out. One-third of their bingeing "episodes" over the two-week study occurred in a restaurant, according to findings published in the Western Journal of Nursing Research.
  • Jennifer from Vegan Lunch Box is at it again, with this very scary LUNCH BOX OF DOOM! Tremble before the shrunken heads, mummy calzone, and the bucket of blood! Igor! Fetch me some cruciferous vegetables! Check it out:
Cue the scary music and ghost sounds, because it's time for the Halloween Lunch Box! It's a ghastly Mummy Calzone on a bed of mummy wrappings (torn paper towel), with a bucket of blood (pizza sauce) for dipping.
Swiss chard and kale are just amazing. We've had a little frost and a lot of cold nights in the high 30's but still they grow, in containers! In theory they should die off quicker in containers because the soil cools more quickly but they didn't get the memo. I wonder how long I can keep them going?
  • Okay, one of my major vices is sushi. If it wasn’t for all the contamination I’d probably eat it all the time. FatFree Vegan Kitchen has come up with a wonderful alternative. Behold the Sushi Salad:
I enjoy making sushi--and my family enjoys eating it. But sometimes I want the taste of sushi without the time and effort it takes to roll it. One way I get around the task of making sushi rolls is to have "Roll Your Own" nights: I'll prepare the rice and fillings and cut the sheets of nori into quarters, and we'll each make our own little cones of sushi right at the table. Kids love making their own sushi, so I really recommend this activity to parents whose kids aren't sure about sushi yet; it will probably turn them into sushi lovers.
Both growers and retailers say there is wide agreement that the industry needs better methods for establishing and enforcing food safety practices, though some question whether such a program can be in place by the Dec. 15 deadline set by the retailers and distributors.

"We can't maintain the status quo," said Kathy Means, vice president of government relations for Newark, Del.-based Produce Marketing Assn., a trade group of produce shippers, processors, distributors and other suppliers. "And we can't have any more mistakes."
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Gina - November 7, 2006 3:38 AM

I don't take much time to be fancy when I cook. I'm even lazier than the sushi salad lady. A couple of months ago I made what I called sloppy sushi - my friend shortened that to Slushi. Take pre-made brown rice, add a touch of rice vinegar and date sugar, mix in an avocado or two, make the wasabi, scoop the mixture on your plate or into your bowl and top with lots of cut up nori. I added steamed broccoli and it was awesomely delicious.

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