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Extraordinary Comebacks

Who doesn’t like a good comeback story? As a sports fan, a couple of my favorites would be the music city miracle or the Jets’ historic comeback against the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Everyone loves an underdog—Adrian!

So, if you like a good comeback story as much as me, Dr. Fuhrman recommends you check out John A. Sarkett’s book Extraordinary Comebacks; featuring 201 inspiring stories of courage, triumph, and success. Here’s John talking about his book:
I had a setback a few years ago. I needed to make a comeback. The great bull market of the late 1990s broke in 2000, collapsed in 2001, and took a lot of my (and a lot of other people’s) hard-won profits with it. Some health problems brought me down, too, the commonplace ailments, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Around that time I found myself in a large bookstore and wandered over to the section with self-help, inspirational, and motivational psychology titles. I knew what I wanted: a compilation of simple stories, human stories, of people who had made a comeback against the odds. There was no such compilation, even on Amazon. That surprised me. So I would have to find my own. I started looking for stories about individuals who had made a comeback from some kind of adversity, adding them, one-by-one, to a small and informal collection that I had cut and torn from magazines and newspapers over the years. That compilation became this book.

As I said, Dr. Fuhrman thinks highly of Extraordinary Comebacks. Take a look:
Given the right nutritional factors for healing, the human body has a remarkable ability to repair damage and recover from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, heart disease, chronic headaches and many others. As a physician utilizing nutritional excellence as a therapeutic modality, The first step: attitude. This book will help shape your attitude, whatever kind of comeback needs to be undertaken, and show you how much more you are capable of.
I’ll be checking it out myself—after all—the world needs more Rocky Balboas. Oh! And be sure to visit John’s blog: The Comeback Blog.
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