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You’ve heard of The China Study right? It’s kind of a big deal here on DiseaseProof. Dr. Fuhrman shows it plenty of love in his book Eat to Live:
This project reported disease rates from towns that ate almost a complete plant-based diet and from other areas that ate a significant amount of animal products. The researchers found that as the amount of animal products increased in the diet, even in relatively small increments, so did the emergence of the types of cancers that are common in the West. The researchers noted that most cancers increased in diet proportion to the quantity of animal products eaten and decreased relative to the amount of fruits, vegetables, and beans consumed.
The results of The China Study seem pretty cut and dried, but for many its message falls on deaf ears—you only have to prod the low-carb loonies to see what I mean. But so many other studies have confirmed the basic theses. Here's one more: Steven Reinberg of HealthDays News reports new research has determined a link between red meat and cancer:
"We found that higher red meat intake may be a risk factor for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer among premenopausal women," said lead author Eunyoung Cho, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. "The majority of breast cancer is hormone receptor-positive, and the incidence of hormone receptor-positive tumors has been increasing in the United States," she added.
Yet another reason why I don’t eat red meat! So considering all this Eugenia Calle, the managing director of analytic epidemiology at the American Cancer Society, recommends people limit their consumption of processed and red meat, and eat fruits and vegetables and unrefined grains. Not a bad idea, I wonder where I heard this before?

For an in depth interview with China Study author Colin T. Campbell, check out this previous post: Interview With The China Study Author
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