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What! Stress? NO! No stress here. WHY DO YOU SAY THAT? That was me. Yeah, I was pretty on-edge when I first started my vegetable-based lifestyle. And apparently I’m not alone. New research concludes that changing your diet can bring about added stress. Dr. Fuhrman pulled this article from Family Practice News, have a look:
Gimme My Ice Cream NOW
A report in a recent issue of the journal Biological Psychiatry finds that changing one's usual diet brings on stress—at least in mice. (Hopefully these weren't the same ones the folks in Bristol almost drowned.) Tracey L. Bale, Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and colleagues found that taking the mice off a high-fat or high-carbohydrate diet induced anxiety and stress, as measured by established norms of mouse behavior. “These results strongly support the hypothesis that an elevated emotional state produced after preferred-diet reduction provides sufficient drive to obtain a more preferred food in the face of [adverse] conditions, despite availability of alternative calories in the safer environment,” the dieting authors concluded moments before angrily overturning their lab's 400-pound vending machine to free a snagged bag of Fritos.
Now, hopefully you won’t endure extra stress when you start Eating to Live, but, you could become a real rootin’ tootin’ cowpoke—emphasis on the “tootin’.” This post will better explain the “adjustment period” of a nutrient-dense diet. From Healthy Diet: Premium Gas:
During this temporary adjustment period that usually lasts less than a week, and rarely more than two weeks, you might feel fatigue, headaches, gassy, or other mild symptoms as your body withdraws from your prior toxic eating habits. For example, stopping dangerous but stimulating foods, including caffeine, causes temporary fatigue and headaches.
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