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Childhood Allergies and Soy-Nut Butter

Now we’ve all seen those packaged “soy-nut” snacks. Did you ever stop and wonder, “What the heck is a soy-nut!” I mean I thought soy was a bean, right? Well not long ago Dr. Fuhrman discussed the origins of this pseudo-nut in the member center. He also provided tips for how to handle childhood allergies to real nuts, and I’m not talking about the members—kidding! Take a look:
My son (3 years old) has severe allergies: dairy, nuts, chickpeas, and lentils. I often feel like his diet is too heavily grain based, and it's a challenge to feed him a balanced diet. His weight has been at 30 pounds for about eight months, and I get a lot of slack from our pediatrician about his "limited" diet, due our choice not to eat animal products. Are nut allergies likely to be life-long? My son has "soy-nut butter" a lot on sandwiches, but it seems like a fairly processed product to me. Are there any alternatives for those with nut allergies? And is allergy testing really reliable? Food trials seems scary to me, as sometimes the reactions are bad (swollen lips, face, and full body hives). No fun!

Dr. Fuhrman:
Soy-nut butter is junk food. There is no such thing as a soy-nut anyway. That is like saying string-bean-nut butter. Soy-nut butter, you burn the food so it has no food value and is full of cancer-causing acrylamides, then you mix it with oil to make it into a unhealthier version of an unhealthy food.

No kid is allergic to every nut and seed. A positive blood test or a skin test is not a definitive test for food allergy. When you do a food trial you start with such a tiny speck of the food, so if he has a reaction it is mild, and then you increase the amount very slowly. Do this with the knowledge of your doctor and that the right medications are available (Epipen Jr. and Benydryl).

In the meantime, while you work out which nuts he can eat, use seeds and avocado. If he does not like avocado then you mash some avocado into everything he eats and feed him an avocado rich diet; smoothies with avocado, soups with avocado, dressings and dips with avocado and mashed banana with avocado. Use the seeds like that too. You may need to talk to me further to make sure he is getting everything he needs in his restrictive diet. Obviously, your primary goal should be to raise a healthy child, allowing him to reach his potential, so we have to make sure he is getting enough of these healthy higher fat foods or it will be necessary to add some animal products into his diet.
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Kirk - February 24, 2010 1:41 PM

Soybutter is not an unhealthy food. Soybutter is not over cooked and therfore is still very healthy to eat. Soybutter is also not a heavily processed product, ( I have seen the production). A site that contains the health benefits of soy can be found at www.soybutter.com. You should not be misinforming the public Dr.

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