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Bad Press for Antioxidants

Yesterday garlic supplements were dragged through the mud and now it looks like antioxidants are next. New research claims antioxidants won’t help people live longer. Carla K. Johnson of the Associated Press is on it:
Antioxidant vitamins taken by tens of millions of people around the world won't lead to a longer life, according to an analysis of dozens of studies that adds to evidence questioning the value of the popular supplements. The large review of separate studies on thousands of people found no long-life benefit from vitamins A, E and C and beta carotene and selenium.

However, some experts said it's too early to toss out all vitamin pills — or the possibility that they may have some health benefits. Others said the study supports the theory that antioxidants work best when they are consumed in food rather than pills…

… But some researchers now believe antioxidants work only when they are in food, or that people who eat vitamin-rich food are healthier simply because they take better care of themselves. And beta carotene supplements have been found to increase lung cancer risk in smokers.
Reports like this are interesting because they expose the insanity of America’s desperate belief in magic pills. Millions of us eat a horrible diet and don’t exercise, but to make ourselves feel less guilty about it, we pop some advertised wonder pill. But then, we’re surprised when we still get sick. And who do we blame? The lazy glutton? No, the wonder pill!

Dr. Fuhrman would agree. This is part of the thinking that gets millions of American’s in trouble. That’s why I like the last part of this report encouraging people to get antioxidants from food. This makes sense because Dr. Fuhrman’s vegetable-based biologically-diverse diet will ensure you get plenty of nutrients, especially antioxidants. From Ten Super Foods to Use in Your Recipes and Menus:
Carrots/beets are colorful root crops that add beauty and flavor to dishes. Shredded raw in salads, cooked, or in soups, they are high in fiber and antioxidants compounds such as cartonoids and betacyanin, a powerful cancer protective agent found to inhibit cell mutations.
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